Industry: Hearing Assist

Customer: Cambie Chirstian Centre / new building
Scope of Work:

Install an in-floor induction loop hearing assist system to integrate with the existing sound system.

Key Project Details

  • Our client wanted to ensure that parishioners wearing hearing aids could fully participate in church services on completion of their church that was under construction.
  • A hearing assist solution created for the new, larger space, means that people with hearing aids can more easily tune in to activities.
  • A Wi-Fi enabled induction loop system under the floor provides a two-pronged approach to access to the audio playback feed in the church. Parishioners can tune into the system using their hearing aids or via an app on their phone connected to their headphones or Bluetooth headsets.

Special Features

  • The in-floor phased array loop driver delivers audio playback directly to the T-coil inside the hearing aid within a certain radius, thereby creating a controlled audio environment for hearing-impaired parishioners once they enter the building.

Installed Equipment

  • Univox SLS-5 State of the art phased array loop driver
  • Univox Flat Copper Tape
  • Williams Sound FM Plus