Whatever your project, our team has the expertise to design, install and support your AV needs. Working with companies across the Vancouver Lower Mainland, we’ve created intuitive end-to-end smart solutions with turn-key integration for organizations from all walks of life. Because our approach is agile, we’re proficient at configuring and integrating the best technologies tailored to your world. This means that from the outset we take the time to understand your circumstances and objectives, which allows us to collaborate and apply our experience to your situation.

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Government & Public Sector

From hospitals to community centres, sports facilities, museums, council chambers, government offices and courtrooms, we provide communication solutions for the public and non-profit sectors.

Using innovative AV technologies, Promax installs and supports audio, video, paging and other advanced systems such as hearing assist to help organizations function more effectively. Plus, advanced solutions through digital and virtual services helps to transform user access by speeding up delivery and widening reach.

  • Theatre both audio and video integration
  • Portable sound systems
  • Mass notification systems
  • Council chambers - audio, video integration and streaming
  • Recreation centres - arenas, fitness areas, pools BGM, paging & video
  • Hearing assist systems

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Engage your customers with a more interactive and user-friendly experience through state-of-the-art audio visual systems. We help you to create a memorable retail environment by customizing and installing fully integrated solutions for your business.

Powered by the latest technologies, from intelligent digital signage to the innovative use of audio, the possibilities to deliver entertainment, the messaging you want and to create the right atmosphere are endless.

  • Digital signage & video walls
  • Warehouse & office paging
  • Audio distribution

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Today’s digital workplace needs to meet current demands while looking ahead to how it can flex and adapt for the future. AV plays a strategic role in this process because it holds the key to how businesses thrive and grow.

Video communication, content sharing, teamworking, brainstorming, enterprise-wide collaboration, formal meetings and enhanced internal communications create optimal conditions for creativity, productivity and innovation.

  • Connected boardrooms & meeting rooms
  • Open office sound masking
  • Audio-video conferencing & presentation
  • Control systems

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Houses of Worship

Our systems are designed and configured to provide praise-worthy performance with simplicity and versatility. We install and support custom tailored, high-quality church AV solutions so your house of worship looks and sounds its best at every service.

Additionally, integrated hearing assist systems ensure that hearing and visually impaired members feel fully included.

  • Sound reinforcement
  • PA systems
  • Projector & video systems
  • Crying room speaker installation
  • Hearing assist systems
  • Wireless microphones
  • Distributed audio

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Whether it’s the physical or virtual classroom, students are using digital interactive and collaborative technologies to learn and explore in new and more effective ways. Enriching the learning environment requires institutions to leverage the best AV technology in classrooms, gyms and other facilities.

We combine leading edge technology with meticulous planning, installation and support to empower faculty and students. Additionally, we design communications networks for distance-learning and solutions to connect remote learning communities.

  • Paging & emergency eystems
  • Wireless collaboration
  • Gym audio and video systems
  • Remote learning systems
  • Portable sound systems

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Hearing Assist

Advanced hearing assist technology such as real-time translation, audio description and private listening applications ensures crystal-clear communications in group settings such as large meetings and courtrooms. Plus, creating inclusion for the hearing and visually impaired has never been easier.

We carefully design and install top of the line communication technology platforms that address issues like background noise, reverberation and distance so that any communication is loud and clear.

  • Vocal fatigue and hearing assistance
  • Hearing loops
  • Portable personal amplification systems

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